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To make intelligent hiring decisions in a competitive global economy, employers require high-quality, fast and compliant international employee screening services.

Turnaround Times
A-Check's turnaround times for global employment screening services are second to none in the industry.

Challenges and Approach
Global background check challenges are unique to every country and jurisdiction. These challenges include a prevalence of paper-based records with scant access to electronic records, legal and cultural obstacles, differences in records repository structures, variations in records accessibility policies, as well as restrictions on cross-border movement of private, sensitive information.

A-Check's approach to international employee screening is to utilize local resources well versed in local procedures. A-Check's Global Alliance Researcher Network, carefully developed over more than 30 years on the cutting edge of employment screening, is comprised of established professionals with a proven record of expertise in their countries' investigative and reporting procedures.

International research is reported in real time through A-Check's systems. Global Alliance researchers receive service requests and return completed investigations as well as supporting documentation utilizing Partner Direct, A-Check's real-time global research network system.

With Partner Direct, A-Check researchers securely deliver consistent service and expedited turnaround times across world time zones, at very competitive prices. A-Check international researchers upload investigation results and supporting documentation, in real time, and are required to destroy any paper and electronic records containing Personally Identifiable Information (PII) once a secure upload is confirmed.

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